Below are some useful online and printed resources for further study of Apocalyptic Literature.

"Apocalyptic Imagination and the New Testament" by Thomas A. Wayment, Brigham Young University Religious Studies Center.


Apocalypticism in the Western Tradition (Collected Studies) by Bernard McGinn (Variorum, Ashgage Publishing, 1994).  Out of Print.


Beyond the End: The Future of Millennial Studies (Bible in the Modern World Series) edited by Jonathan Searle and Kenneth G. C. Newport (Sheffield Phoenix Press Ltd, 2012).  Out of Print.


The Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University (1998-2005).


The Oxford Handbook of Apocalyptic Literature, edited by John J. Collins (Oxford, 2014).


The Journal for Millennial Studies, editor-in-chief, Richard Landes, published by Center for Millennial Studies, Boston, Massachusetts.