by David W Fletcher

"Pentecost" (Copyright Unknown)



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The Prophet Joel (Copyright Unknown)

Madagascar Locust Plague (Copyright & Source Unknown)



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"Pentecost" from George Florovsky (Copyright Unknown)

Thomas Seddon, "Jerusalem and the Valley of Jehoshaphat from the Valley of Evil Council" (Copyright Unknown)


"The Apocalyptic Logos of Luke in Acts of Apostles" briefly defines the nature, use, and meaning of apocalyptic (e.g., a narrow definition for a short presentation) in biblical and early Christian contexts.  Luke's use of catastrophic, end-of-the-world language in chapter 2 (verses 17-21) and his adaptation of Joel's prophecy are explored as a possible keynote for his Acts or logos ("treatise," "narrative," "book").  Such a keynote to Luke's record of early Christian activity is consistent with biblical, Christian, and much broader uses of apocalyptic--namely, apocalyptic's telos or goal orientation, its highlighting of cosmos altering or world changing events, and its lack of specification or its ambiguity.  Also noted is the lack of emphasis on Luke/Acts as apocalyptic literature (e.g., in comparison with books such as 1 Thessalonians or Revelation) but its consistent nature with an apocalyptic religion such as early Christianity.

Presented at the Fourteenth Annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference which was hosted by the East 91st Street Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 10-11, 2015.


"Arise and Walk" (Copyright and Source Unknown)

Paul's Viper on Malta (Copyright Unknown)

Mesrop of Khizan, "Christ with the Cross and Gabriel's Trumpet, with Donors" (Isfahan, 1615)

from Nira and Michael Stone, The Armenians: Art, Culture and Religion (Dublin, Ireland: The Chester Beatty Library, 2007), 69